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  • Spencer H.

    Everything I've had here so far has been great! Guy answering very easy to understand and helpful! I'll be going back!

    from Chicago, IL, USA
  • Mo A.

    My favorite Devon restaurant. Ever notice how out-of towners or recent transplants call it "Devon street"? Lol. Well i think the food and service are great. My family and I always order from here. We love the tandoori chicken with paratha!

    from Chicago, IL, USA
  • Esther K.

    This was my first food adventure in Devon in April 2010, and I found it to be just so-so. I had the Combo #1, which is a combination of spicy chilli chicken and one skewer of seekh kabab. The order also came with rice, paratha bread, and a side salad, so the amount of food was definitely ample. It was all actually pretty good and really cheap for the serving size, but I found the chicken and kabab to be really, really salty. I went with three other friends though, and only one who had also ordered Combo #1 had the same problem of salt overdose.

    It's a fast food type joint and doesn't try to be fancy, and you get the bang for your buck! If my meat hadn't been so salty I would have rated it higher. It was also really difficult to find street parking on a Friday night, but I think that's too be expected for that neighborhood at that time.

    from Chicago, IL, USA
  • Moni K.

    SO I guess this used to be a hidden gem frequented only by police officers but now I know their secrets or at least where they like to eat.

    Delicious spectacular food and customer service but then again dare to be not nice or serve bad food to bunch of cops. ( I observed the other day 12 Chicago's finest enjoying their kababs at JK Kabab, you see they eat kababs instead of donuts)

    I had the Chicken tika and it was delicious, Generous portions. Rice was perfect cooked and I really like the creamy side source.
    Spicy hot...so if you do not like that much spice as them to scale back I am sure they can accommodate you.

    from Niles, IL, USA
  • Yousuf a.

    Chilli Chicken is awesome! My wife and I have went to this place multiple times and we always have chilli chicken.
    Complimentary soup is great.

    from Des Plaines, IL, USA
  • Ahsan R.

    This has become my go to place for Kathi rolls. They keep it simple ....just your choice of meat or Paneer and the paratha. The free soup always gets my spirits up. I only wish they had more red onions and cilantro in their rolls or on the side like they do at home......but that's not a problem, the owners were happy to accommodate that request. Great stuff ! Must visit if you are in the neighborhood.

    fromKansas City, MO
  • A Z.

    We've been regulars here ever since we discovered it a couple years ago. What makes this place different from a full street of Indian food? The food is always fresh! Not once have I gotten food that tasted like at some of the other places, like it's been sitting in the freezer and warmed up for me. That's what REALLY sets them apart.
    Other things:
    - there are choices for people who can and cannot handle heat
    -the menu is simple (as in, not 15 pages) but each choice is great
    - when hot is what you want, hot is what you get!
    - super courteous workers
    - no weird stares if you're not Indian/Pakistani
    - clean! and simple place
    - clean! bathroom
    - they remember you after a while (very nice on busy nights when they have a zillion orders waiting for pickup)

    There is one more secret thing (a certain dish available omly on certain days), but Im sorry fellow yelpers..I cant share the secret. i guess you just have to go yourself and find out!

    fromChicago, IL
  • Darren L.

    First of all, I would like to say that this place is underrated. It could be due to the location, but I feel that this restaurant is more deserving. The food here is beyond delightful. I ordered the combo which had the lamb with the chili chicken paired with rice and salad. I also had to order the paratha. The server was an awesome guy. He was very understanding when I changed my order and he gave me a free soup (without me mentioning anything about the yelp check-in offer which is free soup). He also brought me out more sauce for my food without even asking for it. That is excellent customer service - the epitome of attentive. Because the food and service went beyond my expectations, I wasn't even mad the food took 25 minutes to come out. With that being said, I highly recommend!

    from Franklin Park, IL, USA
  • Suby B.

    Professional courteous service
    All the time.
    Excellent fresh food every time!!!!
    When i worked for a local dealer, i would order about 20 lunches a day- everyone loved the food and prices

    from Northbrook, IL, USA
  • Luan N.

    One great thing about J.K. is that your meal includes rice and paratha

    from Columbus, OH, USA

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